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meet my Partner in Artistry...
Madeline May



A little about me...

My love for hair goes back to when I was a child, always going with my mom to the nicest salons, I was mesmerized watching the stylists cut hair and would go home and try to re-enact it on my American Girl dolls. This lead me down the rabbit hole of then trying to do my and my friends hair and my own. I'm originally from Fort Mill, S.C. I have been professionally doing hair since 2016. can be a little socially awkward... but that takes nothing away from who I am behind the chair. I specialize in all color and cuts, but I excel in blonding and mens cuts. Focusing on enhancing my clients’ natural beauty and providing a  customized, individual service to each person.

Currently I am in school for an Associate in science degree, to further understand the biology and chemistry make up of the hair strand and scalp. My goal is to understand how to be able to really help people with hair loss, skin conditions such an eczema or psoriasis, allergies to a lot of the ingredients that are in hair products. And lastly, to be able to identify what may be going on inside most people that they don't even realize could be product related. I am just sincerely passionate about helping people feel and look good!


Outside of work and school, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, video games, drawing & painting and hanging with my cat! -Mad 

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