Women’s cut $70+
Men’s cut $35+

Deva Cuts $95+


Root Retouch $140+
Full Color $150+
Root Retouch with Deva Cut $170+
Full Color with Deva Cut $180+

Styling Services

Blow Out $45+
Natural Styling $65+
Updo $50+
Silk Press $100+ 
(price and time varies depending on how long and thick the hair is)

Premium Blonding Services

Partial Highlight $150+
Partial Highlight w/ Deva Cut $170
Full Highlight $165+
Full Highlight with Deva Cut $195
Partial Balayage $155+
Partial Balayage with Deva Cut $170+
Full Balayage $170+
Full Balayage with Deva Cut $195+

Double Processing Services

Root and Partial Highlight $170+
Root and Partial Highlight with Deva Cut $190+
Root and Full Highlight $195+
Root and Full Highlight with Deva Cut $205+
Root and Partial Balayage $170+
Root and Partial Balayage with Deva Cut $195+
Root and Full Balayage $195+
Root and Full balayage with Deva Cut $205+
Platinum and Tone $195+


Wig Services

Unit Installation $100

Add on Services

Gloss $30 (complementary with color service)
Grey Blending Gloss $60
Moisture Treatment $20
Olaplex $30
Formula 18 Intense Moisture Protein $30
Baselift $30
Steam Hair Facial Treatment $60+
Keratin Express Complex $150+

**All after-hours services +$20


I love being able to spread knowledge by educating young professionals. I hold classes were I teach wig making, alopecia, traction alopecia, and chemotherapy hair loss. I believe making wigs is a cool way touching up your look without causing damage to you natural hair, but it is also equally important to understand that there are people out there that need to wear wigs due to hair loss issues.  

                                                      NEXT CLASS: DATE COMING SOON!