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Join me "Saví The Hair-a-pist" on "LimitlessRoots" airing on WDRB media.  On this 1 hour segment we will touch on a multitude of topics: everything from struggles of women in the military to healing the child within, where I will talk about things that I have found that have helped me over the years.  And of course salon talk, hair care tips, stylist interviews, and topics like "whats going on with the stylists of today? Am I really supposed to shampoo my own hair?"  "Am I going crazy? or is it just Peri-menopause?" lol and so, so, so much  more. Every Tuesday @11am EST.

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Also, are you an entrepreneur that would you like to promote your brand on my platform? Where you have access to over +50 million listeners across the US!  Allow my platform to generate that new business for you... email me to find out how!!!

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