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About the Course

The number one question I get asked from service providers is how have I been able to be 6 figures successful in my first two years of entrepreneurship? 

My answer:

I truly feel it’s because I have an understanding of how to ensure that my guest does not feel like they are being sold!  It’s creating an experience! It’s filling a need! It’s knowing my value that I bring to this industry! It’s recognizing that I am my brand! It’s making selling as simple as an everyday conversation! 

Being a Marine Corps recruiter and recruiting manager, I’ve applied my success on the streets of America… to help me become extremely successful behind the chair! And I’m going to teach you how to do it too! 

As a service provider in this industry, in theory we are salesmen/ women. I am going to teach you how to be successful beyond just using your talent behind the chair! Lets work smarter and not harder! -Saví

Your Instructor

Savina Woods

“I love helping artists become more successful and profitable beyond using their talents!”

Savina Woods
Flower Blossoms
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