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I am a 13 year United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran, with a communications, sales and marksmanship instructor training background.  I am also an Aveda Institute graduate trained in understanding the hair structure/makeup along with different hair cutting and color application techniques. I am the owner and creator of Porcelain Doll Beauty LLC., which has my salon Saví Tresses Studio in Charlotte, NC. along with 100% all natural hair care/growth products for ALL hair types under its umbrella. And last but certainly not least, I am "Saví The Hair-a-pist" the host of "LimitlessRoots" on WDRB media, where we talk about everything from hair struggles in society to everyday life.  Over the years I have taken a vast array of natural/curly girl hair cutting and styling classes. In doing so, it gave me an understanding that not all hair types can be cut the same. That enlightenment prompted me to create my own hair cutting technique, The Saví Cut.  My cutting technique allows for uniqueness, versatility and individuality for each and every one of my guests. My brand also offers natural looking lace front and full lace units (wigs) for women of all walks of life. From cancer survivors, women who suffer from alopecia/traction alopecia/ postpartum alopecia or nervous pulling of the hair (Trichotillomania), I am also well versed in a multitude of extension installation techniques on all ethnicities for women that may want to enhance their natural hair. Even though my journey took me on different paths, as that happens in life, my passion for hair goes as far back as I can remember. From sitting and putting braids and beads into my dolls hair, to creating runway shows that starred all my barbies and me! 


Allow me to spice up your look, whether it’s a new cut and color or adding some length to your natural hair!!! I am here for all of your hair needs! -Saví

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